Christian Profile Thumb


16 hours ago

Everyone is so friendly and the vibe here is chill. I like it a lot. I thought I wouldn't feel it as much cause I was used ti staying inside a dorm but its been really good here.

Angelica Profile Thumb


3 days ago

Good except the Wi-Fi can be inconsistent and magnetic door is broken. I love the proximity to campus , but the price is high for a 2x2 compared to other places.

Thaliah Profile Thumb


5 days ago

Good apartment! Great amenities and fix-to-quick problems. Once the side gate was broken for a little bit, but we alerted them and it was fixed soon.

Joanathan Profile Thumb


7 days ago

It’s been good so far, except for the part when our ac was down and the guys came to fix it but just left a part in the living room, but other than that it’s been good

Courtney Profile Thumb


26 days ago

I like the events, but I wish they offered more food, for example, since everything runs out quickly. Also, maintenance is helpful, but it takes a while sometimes.

Courtney - You are in luck and today is your chance to have your fill by joining our annual Fall Feast event at 4 PM, catered by Central Market, YUMMY! We hope to see you soon!

Hunter Profile Thumb


1 month ago

Overall pretty nice. I had mold growing in my vents and the toilet seat and towel rack broke. Car got towed too so yeah. Not too bad besides those things.

Hi Hunter - We appreciate this feedback and have resolved these concerns. Unfortunately, we have a parking garage in a premium location to the University, and many visitors to Austin utilize the parking garage to park without permission. Because of this, we ensure residents are not prevented from parking in their parking spots and maintain an active towing policy. Thank you again for this feedback. Any feedback, negative or positive, is greatly appreciated.